In 1996 John Maxwell and his brother Larry, along with several Christian friends, launched EQUIP with a God-given vision to see effective leaders fulfilling the Great Commission in every nation. As they shared the dream that burned in their hearts, God ignited a similar fire in the hearts of others. As a result, in less than 20 years over six million leaders were trained in every nation.

Having laid a foundation of Biblical servant leadership worldwide, EQUIP is now focused on the Salt & Light Global Initiative, a strategy to equip and mobilize believers to reach unchurched people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This transformation movement will impact individuals, families, businesses, communities and even entire nations.

There are numerous ways to become involved with Salt and Light.Individuals, churches and businesses are invited to become Salt and Light partners and facilitators in helping to raise up 500,000 facilitators and 500,000 roundtables resulting in one million new believers by 2020. Partners will help place a Bible in the hands of each new believer.

For complete information about involvement in the Salt & Light  Initiative, please contact Simeon Kontoudis at simos@iequip.gr